“Perhaps the most basic capability of the body-mind, which you must serve through a rational approach to living, is elimination.

Trained as you are by conventional society to be un-Happy, you tend not to be efficient at this primary function. You tend to retain things, to hide things in yourself. You hide toxins, feelings, thoughts, and psychic debris, and you poison yourself with your own un-Happiness.

Unfortunately, common society forces people to acquire the limitation of retention. Perhaps un-Happiness could be described most basically as the chronic inability to eliminate efficiently, in all kinds of ways, not just physically. Un-Happiness is a retardation of the eliminative exercise, which is fundamental to well-being.

Un-Happiness is the self-contraction itself, retention, the inability to release, to let go, to be continuous with the present moment of existence.

The self-contraction is the self-toxifying motive. It backs up all the forces of life so that you become deluded, not only possessed by toxins in the body that distort your bodily self-awareness but also possessed by distorted imagery and illusions about reality.

Perhaps it could be said that the primary problem, the illusory problem, the “Dreaded Gom-Boo” that human beings suffer, is a distortion of the eliminative capability of the total mind-body, and it is therefore associated with illusion, delusion, falsity, imitation reality, fake food.

What one must do, then, is break out of this contraction and restore the capability for release, and release the self-contraction, not just as a psychological event, however, but as a total event in every area of the body-mind. Therefore, submit yourself as a physical being to becoming an eliminative character.

This conclusion is not compatible with the social self-idea promoted in conventional society. You are not supposed to think of yourself as an eliminative character.

You are supposed to think of yourself as an acquisitive character, someone who acquires things, the consumer always stuffing itself, filling itself, consoling itself.

The entire “Westernized” society – which is basically the world-society today – is based on the consumer psychology, not the eliminative psychology of free being. Un-Happy as you are, trained as you have been in your conventional society, you eliminate life-energy, you eliminate what is precious, and you hold on to what is false.

In order to be free, therefore, you must, among other things, somehow come to terms with the fact that you, as the body-mind, are an eliminative character, and you must begin to live as such. Get amused with it. Get strong with it. Somebody who does not shit is full of shit!

Somehow you must feel right with the idea that you are a shitter, an eliminator.

You must feel it as an expression of your strength, your freedom, your purity. Only un-Happy people hold on to all this garbage, not just physically but in every way, and they are all unwell and need illusions to support their diseased state…

Whereas the body-mind itself is designed to be a renunciate, an eliminator, a releaser. The body-mind wants to simply stand free in a state of equanimity. It cannot accumulate and stand free at the same time, however. As soon as the body-mind starts accumulating, it becomes out of balance, toxic, and diseased, and its diseased state is manifested in every dimension of the body-mind, psychological, psychic, and Spiritual.”


From the book Money: The Commitment of Life-Force in the Forms of Effort and Love by Da Avabhasa