Singing bowls are
ancient meditation tools.

These bowls are fine tuned to produce a high-quality resonating healing sound. The pure sounds produced when the rim is rubbed by the mallet puts the brain into a meditative state. The vibrations of the singing bowls have the same wavelength as alpha waves. Alpha brain waves are expressed in states of wakefulness and creativity where there is a relaxed and effortless alertness. With their multi-tonal properties, the bowls provide a rich texture of sound and relaxing environment.

20121110_LaManor_9658_1000About The Bowls

The bowls are made from the traditional 7 metal recipe (copper, mercury, gold, silver, tin, lead, iron) which is considered a dying art form, making them precious works of true craftsmanship.

Singing Bowl Services

I was trained in a unique combination of offerings by a singing bowl master from Nepal.

I work with a complete set of hand-made Tibetan singing bowls hammered carefully by expert craftsmen in Nepal. The bowls are used in meditation classes, relaxing performance concerts and sound therapy sessions. I also offer educational training on how to use the singing bowls and assist people in adopting their own singing bowl.


Why Do You Want to Buy One Of My Bowls?

Many singing bowls today are machine made and mass produced. The bowls I work with and sell are hand-made following an old Tibetan recipe.  I know the man who makes them.  He started as an apprentice , both making and playing the bowls, since he was a child and is one of the few people to keep this old world wisdom alive. Each bowl is unique and has a high quality of sound.

Buy a Bowl Here!

Harmonized singing bowl chakra sets (7 bowls) are available for sale. Call or email for more information.

Each bowl has a musical note that coordinates with a specific chakra, energy center of the body.

Woman yoga meditation with chakras. Heart and sacral, root and sexuality and wisdom. Vector illustration

  • NOTE B – 7th chakra, the crown. Sahasrara chakra. Located at the top of the head. Said to control every aspect of the body and mind. Is associated with full spiritual enlightenment and union with Divine. Related with oneness and non-dual consciousness. Uranus, Om, Thought, White.
  • NOTE E – 6th chakra, the third eye. Ajna chakra. Associated with the brain. Primarily related with the attributes of imagination and psychic abilities. Neptune, Sound, Indigo.
  • NOTE A – 5th chakra, the throat. Vishuddha chakra. Related with speech and hearing. Chakra of communication. Mercury, Hearing, Blue.
  • NOTE D – 4th chakra, the heart. Anahata chakra. Center of chest. Associated with respiration, love and compassion. Venus, Touch, Hearing/Lungs, Green
  • NOTE G – 3rd chakra, solar plexus. Manipurna chakra. Belly center, associated with the digestive organs, power, self-esteem and mastery. Sun, Fire, Sight, Yellow
  • NOTE C – 2nd chakra, sacral or pelvic chakra located 3 inches below the naval. Svadhishthana chakra. Associated with sex organs and energy of creativity and reproduction. Mars, Water, Taste, Orange
  • NOTE F – 1st chakra, the root or base located at the perineum near pelvic floor. Muladhara chakra. Energy of grounding, security and survival. Saturn, Earth, Smell, Red

Singing Bowl Concerts

Pricing varies - please inquire about performances in:

  • work places, schools, prisons, 
  • churches, hospitals, museums, art galleries,
  • private in-home events, yoga centers
  • or as delightful ambient music.

Sound Therapy Sessions

1 hr session – $95

  • Original beautiful sounds
  • Relaxation through vibration
  • Stress & pain relief
  • Bowls played directly on the body
  • A calming experience for you or a unique gift for a friend

Experience meditation and bowls with me.

Seek beauty, avoid suffering.
- Lee Lozowick