Program Registration

Thanks for your interest in my program. Investing in your well being will bear fruitful results! Please read the following payment options to get started, some have fees, some do not. Please read carefully:

  • I’ll mail a check or money order (The no fee option!).
    Please make a check or money order out to Jessica Morris and
    mail to 77 Pleasant Avenue in Montclair, NJ 07042
  • I’ll pay by credit card. (This option has a 3% fee).
    Credit cards are accepted (all) and incur a transaction fee of 3% paid through PayPal.
    You do not need a PayPal account to do this transaction. If you want to use a Credit Card, I will send you a PayPal link through email for the agreed amount, plus the 3% fee. Sometimes, I am asked why there is a fee. When you use a credit card, there are fees associated with processing your transaction.
  • I’ll pay through my PayPal account. (This option has a 3% fee).


Register & Pay Online or Register & Pay Offline