A Little Bit of My Path to Meditation

Jessica MorrisShortly after September 11th, I had a strong experience that spontaneously occurred along with the shock, fear and grief – it felt like a spiritual opening. I was twenty-two years old. Things inside me became very clear and still. Life was vibrant, details came alive. I was altered in a way that I could not define. Personally, it felt wonderful and calm but I showed up different to others which freaked my family out. While I felt that my new perception was more real than it was before, truth was I had no ability to hold this new understanding of life and myself.

Before I eventually wound up in the mental hospital and heavily medicated, I met with one therapist who calmly suggested that I was possibly experiencing what is called a spiritual emergence. Hearing those words was relieving and instantly resonated as truth.

While recognizing that medication is just the right thing for some people, I knew it wasn’t right for me and instead I discovered the practice of meditation as my “medication”. Fourteen years later, I have found it to be a sound and practical way to work with the range of human emotions, stress, anxiety and the other common modern afflictions. I have never been back on medication or hospitalized again and now know how to handle the difficulties of life with ease and live more peacefully.

This personal experience and all of my meditation training has moved me to work with others who also want peace, less stress, and alternatives to drugs, alcohol and medications as a way to feel better.  My approach is warm, accessible, non-judgmental and perfect for those who have never meditated before, those who want to learn now, and for those who think they can’t. You can expect me to be humorous and down-to-earth.

I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you.  You, too, can live peacefully.

Let’s Work Together

jessicaI am a full-time international meditation teacher and singing bowl musician leading group and individual sessions for over ten years. With a sense of humor, I teach a form of basic awareness meditation in an inspiring, practical and personally relevant way. This work is deeply rooted in my long-standing personal practice with my teacher, Purna Steinitz.

My experience includes working with people who suffer from stress, anxiety, grief, illness, depression and those interested in connecting with the spiritual part of their life. I work in a wide range of settings from living rooms to board rooms to prisons, and tailor my programs to individual needs.

I am also the Director of The Event, a transformational training that helps create breakthroughs in people’s lives.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is letting things settle themselves
and allowing the blessings of life to descend.
- Purna Steinitz