Meditation Is Not:

  • Stopping your thoughts and stilling your mind
  • Trying to achieve perpetual happiness
  • Repeating affirmations
  • Being perfectly still and bearing increasing physical discomfort
  • About perfection, talent, ambition or super effort
  • Only for certain kinds of people

Meditation Is:

  • An age-old,  practical, gentle tool to work with and ultimately master the mind
  • A path to balance, cultivating less reactivity and more responsiveness with people and situations
  • A skill to develop to increase openness and generosity and decrease worry and fear
  • A practice in which to see and experience your basic okay-ness and let go of having to be perfect
  • For anyone willing and interested to learn, practice and grow themselves further

Meditation in its essence is the art of being aware of what is going on inside you and what’s happening around you. Most people believe they can’t meditate because as soon as they are still they notice how fast their mind is moving through tons of thoughts! It’s true that most of our minds, even people who have meditated a long time, have lots and lots of fast-moving thoughts. Meditation is a tool that we can practice to learn how to sit and observe. When thoughts come up, we don’t move or react or get up and act on them.

Instead, because we are observant, we can notice the thoughts, maybe even for the first time.  It’s like the difference between reacting and being inside the thought, or being aware or witnessing the thought and not so wrapped up in it.  When we see our thinking and different reactive patterns, then we have CHOICE!  And with choice, always comes more freedom and opportunity in our lives.

It's also true that over time, with practice, we may find that our mind may actually slow down.  Like a car that was always speeding, over time we learn the regular speed limit.  We can cruise along, and even stop to think and choose more mindfully and carefully. This is the beginning of having more mastery over how we are in the world, which includes not only how we act, but how we feel and what we say both to ourselves and to others. It’s a great decision when one decides to meditate and practice command over our busy minds.  It’s a commitment, to stay with it until we get some traction and can start to experience all the great benefits!
With personalized, easy instruction, I provide support so you can maintain your practice and build this new habit.  Like going to the gym for the first time, we benefit from getting instruction and encouragement from a trainer. I'd be delighted to be on your team!

What Style of Meditation?

blue-buddhaI practice and work with a basic awareness form of meditation that centers on the wisdom of the body.

Meditation is a simple practice to learn how to be present and remember yourself. Re-member means to become whole again; body, mind, and heart. Once we come into being present, we can grow our ability to pay attention. Meditation is the conscious process of turning your attention inward and cultivating a non-judgmental relationship with yourself. It is a way to work with your mind instead of your mind working you. It is a way to learn how to live with a growing ability to relax despite the circumstances and just be.

It is important to know that meditation is not about “quieting the mind,” “stopping your thoughts and emotions” or “having only positive thoughts.” Rather it is to learn how to have a different relationship with your mind that has more awareness, gentleness and understanding. Many call meditation a path of freedom.

What Does a Session with Me Look Like?

  • Immediately settling into a non-judgmental and relaxing space.
  • Meditation Explanation  – What is it? Why does it work? What about it scares people off?
  • Meditation instruction (simple and easy to understand).
  • Conversation about what is going on for you, what you want to focus on and what you want to achieve.
  • Practical steps of how to integrate meditation into your daily life while recognizing the natural speed you want to go.
  • Inspired readings to share the background and context of meditation.
  • Selected book of wisdom that will support our work together.
  • Calming sounds of the Tibetan Singing bowls are weaved through out.
  • A relaxing sound therapy treatment will occasionally be part of the session.
  • For those who are interested in working on health, I will recommend and guide you through a very gentle cleanse.
    A change of diet is the fastest way to feel a change in well-being.
    Meditation and cleansing are a complementary fit.

Learn More About This Cleanse

* I can work with you in person or over the phone.


  • Relaxation.
  • You can practice meditation, no matter how busy your mind is
  • You are successful simply for showing up
  • You will learn how to be at ease and accepting of yourself
  • You will learn how to work with your thoughts and emotions.
  • You will learn to create and appreciate a more simple life.

Natural Benefits

  • Relief from stress, anxiety, panic attacks.
  • Clear & focused attention.
  • Greater awareness.
  • Improved health & well-being.
  • Understanding of what creates your suffering.
  • Learning how to untangle from your suffering.

Check out my packages to see all the different options and find what works best for you.

Ready to Get Into Action?

Meditation is just a courage to be silent and alone. Slowly slowly, you start feeling a new quality to yourself, a new aliveness, a new beauty, a new intelligence which is not borrowed from anybody, which is growing within you. It has roots in your existence.
- Osho