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Do you want support and instruction for your meditation, but prefer to do it over the phone? No problem! 

From our first call we'll begin to build a reliable resource for your meditation practice and exploration. Let's get started together and I will help you to begin. You can relax in your space and have a real person to answer your questions and to encourage you to stay with your decision to meditate.

Phone Sessions Packages

  • 3 Private Coaching & Meditation Sessions (45 minutes) - $195
    Take a jump and give yourself an honest chance to see and feel what meditation is and taste the benefits.
  • 5 Private Coaching & Meditation  Sessions (45 minutes) - $295
    Go a little deeper into the meditation experience and begin to make it a beneficial habit in your life.
  • 10 Private Coaching & Meditation Sessions (45 minutes) - $495
    Dive in and establish meditation as a core part of your life.
  • 30 Day De-Stress The Body and Mind Program - $545
    4 Private Meditation & Guidance Sessions over the Phone (45 minutes), 1 a week in a 30 day period and a 30 day nutritional cleanse. Give your whole system a deep clean. Price includes cost of meditation sessions, support and one month of cleanse products.

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These packages could be used for post-Event coaching and support.


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The way to grow is to grow a little every day.
- Rudi