Living in the world today is difficult. Stress, anxiety, depression, self-judgment and obsessive thinking are common experiences for many people, much of the time. Feeling anxious, restless and fractured have become a “normal” state of being. And yet, maybe there is a tiny budding sprout inside you, longing for you to put down all of that, and to be free to sing your song. Maybe you have an intuitive sense that there is another way to live? Dare to imagine being more centered, calm and joyful as a way of being? Dare to imagine knowing how to handle difficult situations with ease and confidence, giving you more energy during the day?

Maybe you heard from a friend, a doctor or therapist that meditation could help you get in touch with your rightful, easeful peace. They are right! If you are interested in a real, accessible and non-judgemental way to learn meditation, welcome.
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Simple and in-depth private meditation sessions and group classes.


Traditional, hand-made Tibetan singing bowls for sale, relaxing performance concerts and sound therapy sessions.


Nutritional cleansing and expert coaching will help you nourish and detoxify your body. Less stress and way more energy.
  • I began studying meditation with Jessica in 2009, looking for relief from the crippling anxiety that ruled my life. Now, my panic attacks have long since disappeared. Through meditation, I am realizing the whole, capable, and powerful woman that was already there inside me underneath that needless fear.

    Stevie T.
  • Jessica has really helped me transform to a more calm, centered and focused person. She has a wonderful teaching style – she facilitates connections between meditation and life that provide powerful imagery that help connect the two. Jessica gives you all the right tools and the support to build a meaningful practice.

    Kathy L.
  • When I started working with Jessica I felt lost. My wife was seriously ill, and I lived in a constant state of fear and terror. Through learning meditation with Jessica in private and group sessions, gradually I transitioned to a calm, effective, focused person – self led, not emotion led. I became a leader, and was able to help myself and others too.

    Peter T.
    CPA, Tax Attorney
  • I had no experience with meditation before I met Jessica, and I was nervous. Right away Jessica de-mystified meditation and helped me see how it could be a simple and valuable resource for all of the other busy parts of my life. Her resources and approach are unlike anything else I’ve found; she’s a uniquely skilled and dedicated practitioner who you can count on to be a steadfast and reliable support.

    Jess J.
    Mom & Doula
  • Meditating with Jessica has been one of the most significant experiences of my life. I came to the classes crippled with anxiety and depression but working with her opened me up to the possibility of living in a different way. The classes were a turning point that has led to dramatically positive life-change for me. I can’t recommend her enough.

    Daniel G.
    Creative Director and CEO
 Meditation is letting things settle themselves
and allowing the blessings of life to descend.

- Purna Steinitz